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De wereldwijde coalitie voor democratie

Democracy International joins European Movement

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Democracy International joins European Movement


On the occasion of its federal assembly in Rome on 28 November 2014, the European Movement International unanimously adopted Democracy International’s membership application. Hence, Democracy International now is a member of the European-wide network that advocates a more democratic and, inclusive and federal Europe.


During the federal assembly, the roughly 200 participants discussed issues regarding EU democracy and the need to bring Europe closer to its people. Resolutions adopted include the demand for a EU European electoral reform, incorporating transnational lists and the possibility of forming European parties based on individual members (bypassing political parties at the national level). European Movement International (EMI) also calls for the initiation of a Convention for a more democratic Europe.

The EMI Democracy International’s board had approved Democracy International’s membership in EMI in September 2014. At the federal assembly, Sophie von Hatzfeldt, manager for strategic partnerships, presented Democracy International’s aims and projects, upon which the federal assembly ratified the membership.

The prior day, also in Rome, Sophie von Hatzfeldt had joined the panelists in the plenary session of Europe+, a civil society platform to design a constructive renewal of European democracy, in which Democracy International is member of the steering committee.

More info:

-    European Movement International
-    Europe+

Text by Sophie von Hatzfeldt


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